Senior Consultant | Systemic Agile Coach (ICP-ACC, CSP-SM), PPI AG

Christoph Dibbern

After completing his bachelor’s degree in business informatics and his international master’s degree in computer science, Christoph has already gained more than ten years of experience in agile teams. He is a SAFe Program* Consultant, Certified Scrum Professional as well as a trained systemic coach and has certifications in Professional Agile Leadership: Evidence-based Management as well as in agile, scaled frameworks such as LeSS and Professional Scaled Scrum. He has been accompanying organizations in their agile transformation for over six years and works closely with top management, middle management as well as technical and technical experts.

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“The SAFe Program Consultant as a Servant Leader in scaled business finance product innovation areas“

Not only since books like “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” has it been comprehensibly described that self-managed, agile teams are more effective and more efficient than traditional, hierarchical teams when dealing with complex projects – appropriately set up Organizational forms. Holacratic structures for collaboration labs / innovation units are increasingly being used to create the right framework for cross-functional, self-managed product development teams. These teams, often also called cells, are made up of the right experts for the respective problem. The Lead Circle (nowadays often fostered by a SAFe Program* Consultant) supports both the experts and the teams by creating the right framework and, if necessary, with recommendations for action.

*Scaled Agile Framework