Finance Transformation Thought Leader

Hafiz Roslan

Hafiz Roslan is currently the Group CFO of FLS, based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a Finance Transformation Thought Leader with over 12 years of international experience with strong emphasis on financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and finance business partnering. He strongly believes in the need for the finance sector to innovate and be future-ready; moreover, in an age of digital disruption, he claims that finance practitioners have to adapt or risk dying out. He has worked with various industry leaders in the shipping and logistics industries, across Asia and Africa regions.

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“Transforming your finance function in the age of digitalisation“

While transformation is always resource heavy, both financially and asset-wise, the barrier of entry to certain technology such as robotic process automation (RPA) is low enough for businesses of any size to embark on the transformation journey. Digitalisation, the talk of town nowadays, will only push the need to change faster than we can imagine. For example, blockchain technology is widely used today compared to just 5 years ago. Today, there is so much data available. What do we do with it? Does our finance function have the ability to use this data to add value to the business? If not, where do we start?